What about making your own movie?

Lot’s of people are coming home after a trip with a lot of images and films taken during their journey.. But what are all these digital memories going to be after having unpacked your belongings and got back to your routine? We’re living in a period where technologies offers us the possibility to get 4K images everywhere and 10 years ago we were still obliged to transport a big camera and a bunch of tapes with us to record memories on video. The editing software of our time is so easy to understand, that you can forget the long afternoons of visioning the 3 hour movie of a nonsense bunch of travel images.

Well We have taken the habit to make small movies to enjoy the pleasure of a trip longer and to be able to share our adventures with our friends, during a drink or directly on social media. After a few hours of video editing with programs like Final Cut Pro, we acquire a real representation of our journey that are easy to share online and that avoids collections of many mini movies devoted to disappear on our harddisk.

Some tips for beatiful images

Today, tons of people are using selfiesticks with their GoPro… We won’t write a long story about the way to capture a nice picture with that kind of accessory but you should always try to square your image a little bit above your view to avoid the stick to appears in the picture, definitely when you’re using a GoPro who’s view is larger than a classic camera. Using different angles can be interesting to add some dimensions to your images and increase the way you dive your watcher into the environment, as seen on the pictures below.


What we as « road trippers » like about the GoPro, are definitely the accessories that the brand offers. Particularly the suction cup that despite of his expensive price of 45€, offers infinite possibilities! Fixed to the windows or the body of the vehicle, you will immortalise the most beautiful roads without losing your concentration while riding (prudence above all!). Stunning renderings can be achieved by fixing the camera on the bottom of the door, at the height of the front wheel. On the rearview mirror to integrate yourself into the picture. On the roof or on the rear pillar to capture the landscapes…


For your convenience, there is a GoPro app that allows you to control the camera remotely via your smartphone or Apple Watch (if your camera model is equipped with built-in WiFi). From there, you can directly start recording from inside your car and preview the image on your smartphone screen. However, I would like to remind you that we must first of all keep our eyes on the road 😉

Once the SD cards are full of memories, you have to think about using the images … For us, it starts with a mountain of videos to download on the computer. Then comes the long hours of editing on Final Cut Pro, to fix the images on a soundtrack that will often rhythm the miles rode by Kloë (our car) … This article is not meant to make a professional image editor of you, but you must know that software like iMovie, Final Cut Pro or the GoPro App Desktop are full of tools and features that must be taught before to achieve a nice result. Personally, i learned to use them with the help of some tutorials available on youtube. If you simply want to compile your video clips without taking the lead, iMovie (on Mac) will be the simplest, fastest and most intuitive solution.

On this, have a great trip!



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